The Feedlot 'Grasslands' Rub 100g

The Feedlot 'Grasslands' Rub 100g

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Description: A sister to our signature rub, this aromatic blend of herbs and spices pairs beautifully with lamb, chicken, seafood and mediterranean inspired dishes.  Grasslands prides itself on its earthy but bright flavour profile. Select your size of our normal 100g tins or 300g bulk bags.

Ingredients: salt, pepper, porcini mushrooms, garlic, lemon, oregano, rosemary, thyme, parsley and marjoram

Pro-Tip: Grasslands was originated to be a bright herby rub that serves itself well to lamb, fish, prawns, chicken, mediterranean dishes and more. We even use it to make fresh lemon aioli and salad dressings. Use liberally to create a nice bark to your lamb shoulders, crust on your seafood or a kick to your pasta.

Ingredient Fun Fact: Our key ingredient, lemon powder, is sourced locally in the Blue Mountains by a small family run business.  Whole Australian grown lemons are dehydrated for 2 weeks and then blitzed into a fine powder. No additives or synthetic lemon flavouring!

Name: With 5 different herbs, the rub conjured up images of rolling green pastures hence Grasslands.