The Feedlot 'Forager' Rub

The Feedlot 'Forager' Rub

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Description: A distant cousin to our signature rub, this sweet and savoury blend has been designed for pork, chicken and seafood. Organic maple sugar render delicately while mild Guajillo chili provides a tangy and smoky undertone. Select your size of our normal 100g tins or 300g bulk bags.

Ingredients: maple sugar, salt, porcini mushrooms, guajillo chili, onion, pepper, garlic mustard, sweet paprika

Pro-Tip: This maple sugar based rub is sweet and savoury in nature lending itself well to chicken, pork and seafood. We even sprinkle it on corn for the kids and lightly dust homemade maple pecans however, I think our go-to could be salmon and prawns. Given the rub has natural sugar and lower salt content, we suggest using liberally as it renders down softly during the cooking process.  

Ingredient Fun Fact: To keep with our focus on all natural and wholesome ingredients, we decided to build this sweet rub with organic maple sugar imported from Canada. Instead of using typical white or brown sugar, maple sugar brings a silky like texture with hints of caramel and toffee overtones making it uniquely different. Additionally, we have included Guajillo chilis native to and imported from Mexico. This mild chili has an orange to red hue with a fruity smokey flavour and a mild to medium heat.    
Name: Given the nature of the rub being built primarily for chicken and pork, these ‘foraging animals’ gave us quick inspiration.