The Feedlot 'Cattle Call'

The Feedlot 'Cattle Call'

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Description: This unique signature blend is an all-purpose rub suited for any kind of meat and general kitchen use. Porcini mushrooms are the foundational element acting as an umami creating a rich and natural flavour enhancer.  Select your size of our normal 100g tins or 300g bulk bags.

Ingredients: salt, pepper, porcini mushrooms, garlic, paprika, red pepper, thyme

Pro-Tip: Cattle Call was created to be an all purpose blend that’s not just for the grill and smoked meats. In our house, we have replaced salt and pepper with a tin next to our stove and it literally goes in everything from eggs, pasta sauce, cole slaw, steak, stir fry, chicken burgers and more. Remember, Cattle Call is a salt forward rub so just season to taste.  

Ingredient Fun Fact: As you have seen by way of all of our rubs, porcini mushrooms are a key element. The high amino acids and dehydration process gives them a pronounced ‘meaty’ flavour that intensifies flavours adding that umami punch!   

Name: Cattle Call is a common term in ranching when cattle congregate to feed. We used the name as a way to symbolize the ‘coming together’ of friends and family for meals.