The Feedlot 'Black Angus' Beef Rub 100g

The Feedlot 'Black Angus' Beef Rub 100g

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Description: A big brother to our signature rub, this bold but well-rounded blend is purpose built for beef. Urfa Biber and Pasilla chilis are the standouts providing a smoky and peppery punch coupled with hints of chocolate and tobacco. Select your size of our normal 100g tins or 300g bulk bags.

Ingredients: salt, pepper, porcini mushrooms, urfa biber, garlic, pasilla, paprika, mustard, onion, coffee

Pro-Tip: Black Angus says it all! Big, bold, peppery, rich and earthy. We put this on everything from burgers, steaks, brisket, beef shorties, rump cap, tri-tip and more. This is a pepper forward rub combined with a few unique ingredients that can only be sourced from overseas. Note, despite having pasilla chili this is very mild pepper that brings a chocolate smoky finish.

Ingredient Fun Fact: Urfa Biber is cultivated in the Urfa region of Turkey and nowhere else in the world. It’s a red pepper but as it matures, turns to a dark maroon on the plant. The processing is quite involved whereby the peppers are sun dried during the day and wrapped tightly at night to ‘sweat’ and infuse the dried flesh with the remaining moisture of the pepper. The result is a deep black purple providing a smokey, mild and tobacco like finish. Additionally, we have included Pasilla chili from Mexico. "Little raisin" in Spanish, this mild dark chili brings a fruit and chocolate forward flavour profile complementing the stronger punch of the Urfa Biber.

Name: Well, beef of course. Black Angus is the most common breed of cattle in the U.S. and the second most common globally. Generally speaking, Black Angus is more tender due to its marbling and leaves a smooth finish on the pallet.