Ministry Of Smoke - Hardwood Pellets

Ministry Of Smoke - Hardwood Pellets

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All Australian hardwood blend. High heat with a longer burn and lower ash. 


I personally cut and de-limb all the fruit trees sold for smoking. Trees are only cut at a certain time of the year when the tree is at the right life cycle. We do NOT use trees that have been sprayed in the last 18 months. To minimise wastage, even the small branches are off-cuts are chipped, hence "ugly chips." 

Cut trees are stored in our warehouse in The Summit and not at the orchard. Stacking wood outside, where it is exposed to high humidity and moisture in the air, encourages the growth of fungus. The high altitude climate here in the Granite Belt creates ideal drying conditions in our warehouse. 

 We store our wood as logs. These logs have been air dried for a minimum of a year. Logs are only cut once an order has been placed. Our wood chips are airdried  on the warehouse floor. 

 Our premium Ironbark is cut by a couple of old timber cutters who know are specifications. The timber is sourced from The Trap Rock Country, which produces the best Ironbark in Australia. 

 Our Oak can be used for fence or yard posts, so the species is referred to by us as Post Oak not Bulloak. These logs are usually from 12 - 16 inches in Diameter.