Manhorne 16 Inch Smoker          (Contact us for information on availability and shipping) - Full Throttle Barbeque

Manhorne 16 Inch Smoker

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    New to low and slow cooking or have you been smoking for a while and want a reverse flow smoker? 
    This is our entry model and is perfect for the backyard to easily cook amazing food for your friends and family. The grill in the firebox is a standard feature, which is perfect for reverse searing a steak or a flame grilled burger. Brisket, Ribs, Salmon and Pizza can all be easily cooked in a Manhorne Smoker. 
    • 6mm steel construction
    • 16mm stainless steel hinge pins
    • Two slide out mesh shelves
    • Top shelf 320 x 820
    • Bottom shelf 360 x 820
    • Stainless steel drop down front bench
    • Fire box log grate
    • Damper on fire box
    • Grill in firebox for direct cooking
    • Counterweighted main door
    • Bottle opener
    • 1 inch ball valve for drain
    • Tassie Oak door handle on main door
    • Cool touch fire box handles
    • Two Tel Tru thermometers
    • Steel mesh lower storage shelf
    • 650 degrees heat resistant paint

    Approximately 4 week delivery. Please contact us directly to discuss delivery options.