Kosmos Q Original Chicken Injection - Full Throttle Barbeque

Kosmos Q Original Chicken Injection

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We know there are probably worse things in the world than a dry grilled chicken... we just cant think of any at the moment. Well not only did we solve that problem, but the solution might just turn everything you thought you knew about cookin' birds on it's head: using a tried-n-true classic combination of brown sugar and garlic, along with a special-Q blend of smoky spices, the Original Chicken Injection is THE ultimate secret weapon for even the most serious BBQ competitors arsenal. Get ready for a bombardment of decadent juiciness like you've never experienced; if your chicken doesn't make even the crankiest critic smile, well, we don't like pointing fingers but its sure got nothin' to do with us! For the perfect inflection, get the chicken injection!