Goodster Magic rub

Goodster Magic rub

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Goodster Barbecue Magic Rub by Pitmaster Adam Roberts is perfect for chicken, pork, lamb or beef. Also great on vegetables, seafood and in general cooking.

Hint: Simply add your own secret spices to this great base level seasoning. It’s great on its own for low ‘n slow and grilling meats.

Goodster is excited to collaborate with multiple award-winning Barbecue Pitmaster Adam Roberts, one of the Co-Founders of Australia's premier barbecue contest sanctioning body, the Australian Barbecue Alliance.

Goodster's purpose is to bring healthier foods to market to build sustainable profits that fund community transformation projects. It's early days, so a big shoutout and thanks for your support.


All Purpose Seasoning is Allergen Free, All Natural, KETO Friendly, Zero Cane Sugar, Gluten Free, Vegan and GM free.