Dexter Russell Heavyweight Cleaver 20cm - Full Throttle Barbeque

Dexter Russell Heavyweight Cleaver 20cm

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Crafted from stain-free high carbon steel, this cleaver is ideal for cutting meat of different sizes. 
The Rosewood handle provides a comfortable and balanced grip, making it easy to handle when chopping up boneless or even meat with bone still intact.


  • Blade measures 20cm
  • Cleaver measures 35cm
  • Weighs 1.2kg
  • Extra heavyweight bone cleaver 
  • 6mm, 1/4” thick full tangled blade
  • Quality non stainless carbon steel with hand ground and honed edges to the correct bevel to prevent chipping
  • Blade needs to be maintained, cleaned and kept in good condition to prevent rusting
  • Superb edge retention and sharpening characteristics 
  • Made in USA