Butcher BBQ - BBQ Phosphate TR - Full Throttle Barbeque

Butcher BBQ - BBQ Phosphate TR

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Butcher BBQ once again raise the bar for grilling and smoking. With a natural tenderiser added Butcher BBQ - BBQ Phosphate TR 453g will allow you to tenderise your meats with the added moisture and flavour enhancements you have come to trust with our phosphate. This product is perfect for the hot and fast cooking method since the tenderiser continues to work through some higher temperatures.

 It will do the job for soaking a steak or injecting big cuts of meat. The best use for Phosphate TR with today’s food is beef, pork, Wild game, and poultry. For best results start your cooking 4 hours after use. Simply use it like you use BBQ Phosphate now.